Keep management off your tail with Petiquette

Got pets? Here are some bullets and a snazzy video on Petiquette featuring our friends at Sit Means Sit North Central Florida

Start at the Vet
Dogs and cats need spaying or neutering - especially if you live in close proximity to other animals. This saves you—and other owners—the multiple hassles of an unwanted pregnancy or unwanted physical advances on your animal. Dogs and cats also need up-to-date vaccinations when living in apartments. Extra precautionary shots for Parvo and Bordetella are also good suggestions.

Minimize Barking
You want to really reduce any barking issues that may begin to develop with your pet. Your pet’s barking can turn the sweet old lady upstairs into a death-threatening police-calling madwoman who reports you constantly to the office. Try your hardest to reduce your dog’s barking.

Don’t Let ‘Em Go Out Alone
Dogs and cats should never be left to wander outdoors unattended. If you’re not there your pet should not be there either. Cats left to stray often go feral get into fights or die. Everyone’s heard the eerie screams as two cats claw it out in the night—scary! Keep that cat indoors and safe. The same goes for your pooch. Dogs get run over and taken into doggy custody when out alone.

Patios are Not for Pets
Rule #4 follows the same logic as Rule #3: Dogs and cats should not be left unattended on patios or balconies. You’re not planning on teaching your dog to grill out there are you?

Leash and Go
But when you do want to take your dog out for some exercise outside is the perfect place to get that jog in. So how do you practice “Petiquette” when out and about? Dogs and cats need to be on a leash when out and about. Leashing keeps them from darting out in front of cars. Even when on a leash they should still be controlled by you same rules apply before taking your dog to socialize with others don't just let them run free. Also make sure you’ve got updated tags.

Pick Up After Your Pup
Pick up the little brown presents your pet leaves all over the grounds...because brown presents aren’t really presents and they don’t smell very good either. Simply take out a plastic bag stoop and scoop then turn the bag inside out and tie. Place in the nearest receptacle.

Voila. You’ve got Petiquette!