Image of Kaylei Koon

Kaylei Koon has been the property manager of the CMC Student Properties Office since August 2020. In this role, she oversees four student communities with a combined unit count of 83 apartments. When Kaylei came into this role, the office needed organization and improve customer relations. Kaylei immediately planned resident events to get to know her residents and encourage renewals. Kaylei’s renewaland lease plan was excellent, she met and beat a few of her goals at all four properties. Kaylei is not afraid to share ideas and takes both of her regional's recommendations with an open mind. She does not wait for us to come up with the plan. Kaylei is innovative and always ready to present an action plan. Kaylei completed her walks, turn projections and turn schedules on time. Her projections were spot on, and we did not have any turn surprises this year. During our long August, she showed up every day ready to work, she walked her units daily and came in early to complete all her deposit accounting and payables so the corporate office was not waiting on her. Move-in week, with final walk-downs, was hectic, but she was able to stay lighthearted and go with the flow of two regionals running around asking her nonstop questions. This was 100% her turn, and it was nice having her be the leader for us. Kaylei is excellent at managing her team. She met with maintenance each day to make sure they knew the plan, had completed the safety review, and had what they needed to complete the task. She managed her temporary help perfectly. Even when conflict arose, she was professional, kind, and direct. One of our favorite things about Kaylei is how she handles her customer relations. She is prepared, professional, and graceful. She worked hard to provide solutions for any issue that came up. Kaylei was wonderful with parents; she was responsive and was always able to throughout a recommendation for any issue, especially if the question was, “where can we cool off with a drink.” We are most proud that this turn, we had zero negative reviews, and all our residents know they are appreciated and feel welcome. We are proud to award Kaylei for August 2021 Employee of the Month, and we hope we have years of organized, FUN turns together