Image of Jon Josephson

Jon Josephson has been a maintenance supervisor for the Mount Vernon and Williamsburg apartment communities, overseeing 230 units since 2015. Jon is a true team-player. Whether he is assisting other maintenance technicians with after-hours issues during his downtime or driving to another community to help with service requests, Jon is always willing to lend a helping hand. The residents at both communities’ respect and admire Jon'scommitment to stellar customer service, which is demonstrated time and again through positive sentiment from residents. The properties earned a combined reputation score of, 706which is excellent considering the challenges that 202 brought with the COVID-19 pandemic. During quarter four, he built a bike repair station at Mount Vernon to improve our community. Jon even makes time to run errands for the office staff. In 2020 Jon had even more responsibility as he was asked to oversee four additional properties due to the lack of maintenance supervisors available. Jon successfully handled all after-hours maintenance requests at all six properties and coordinated complex HVAC repairs, slab leaks, and electrical issues, and made sure the pools were properly maintained. He always checked on the managers and regional managers and responded to their calls in a calm and professional manner. Jon’s professionalism and steadfastness kept all six properties running smoothly and residents happy throughout this very challenging year. CMC is proud to award Jon Josephson Employee of the Quarter as he epitomizes our core values, Integrity, Service, Expertise Commitment, and Community.