CMC is looking for Summer 2012 INTERNS

We are actively seeking INTERNS to join our Social Media and Marketing department

This internship is open to all applicants please note this is for SCHOOL CREDIT ONLY.

We are super active online and have some great plans to hit the streets of Gainesville and Orlando for Summer 2012 with all the hands we can get. Here's a couple of things we do:

We create boards and think up nifty ideas

We host events

We like to try new food and tell other people about it
We video everything!

We love taking photos and sharing them

We design stuff

We think out loud and in color

We take snack breaks at 3p.m. (most times at Red Mango)

However with all the fun listed; we do have a serious plan for our brand.
We expect only the best efforts from our team we would prefer if you were dual proficient (Mac and PC). We expect self starters who are passionate about projects and aren't afraid in putting themselves out there. We want interns with a keen understanding of social media; not just the rules but how and why an idea or campaign is important and can translate in real life with tangible results. People with an eye for design or a knack for copywriting.

If this sounds like the ideal internship for you then please APPLY HERE.

Please click around for more on our company or to see a list of apartment communities we manage.

Real life CMC employees putting in time to "Get Social" on our sites