Hunter's Ridge:

If you missed Team CMC Orlando at L.A Fitness last week here's how it went down:

We had tons of goodies starting with: refreshing water CMC towels to freshen up and Special K bars to keep your energy pumping!

Sounds good right?

L.A. Fitness has a beautiful facility and their team was nice enough to let us visit and meet some of their clients. So why are we hanging out at their gym when we have our own?

They allowed us to team up with them for a special resident giveaway. On top of all the goodies we packed; L.A. Fitness gave us a stack of FREE 3-Day Passes for their location. If you're looking for a more intense workout and group classes then theirs is the place to go!

Jackie from Villa Valencia and Diana from Summerlin joined me there but looking at all that gym equipment made us hungry! We shortly left and headed for pizza at Mellow Mushroom (counteractive I know).

But we worked out vicariously through you guys!