How To Lightproof & Soundproof Your Apartment

Perfect quiet and darkness may be the remedy for a restless night, but achieving that can sometimes be harder than we like. This is especially true of apartment living, where the activities of roommates and neighbors can cause interruptions in your sleep. And when you're renting, permanent options just aren't a choice. So to help you get a better night's sleep and keep the peace among your neighbors, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, provides these tips for a lightproof and soundproof apartment.

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Ways To Lightproof

While curtains are the obvious solution to block light, options that are thick enough to accomplish this usually come with a higher price tag. And, if you're working with large or several windows or on a budget, that simply may not be an option. If you're on a budget, try rearranging furniture first and then strategically placing a blackout curtain or two. If the cracks around a door are more of a problem than windows, you can still use a curtain around the doorframe to block both light and noise. If you can't afford a thicker curtain, select ones with darker colors that will block out light more effectively. Even a blanket pinned up can block out light and add a bit of decoration. You can also use strips of insulation to seal doors and windows to mute sound and light.

Room Soundproofing

Thankfully, there are more options for soundproofing a room, some of which can also help with light by reducing glare and shine.