Image of How To Host Thanksgiving In A Small Florida Apartment

How To Host Thanksgiving In A Small Florida Apartment

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of year to spend time with your family and friends, but hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be hard work and difficult for people in small Florida apartments. There are many ways to maximize your living space and make hosting dinner parties easier. Personal touches, such as decorations, music, and a fall-scented candle, can make an apartment feel more inviting, but the space can still feel cramped. Check out the following tips to prepare your apartment this Thanksgiving!

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Rearrange The Living Space

Don’t be afraid to move furniture and rearrange your apartment as needed. To create a dining room, place unused furniture in the bedrooms and bring popup tables and chairs. Cover them with table clothes and decor to compliment your Thanksgiving feast. For more standing room, consider pushing items to the sides of the room to create walkways and ample space for guests to congregate.

Grazing Table

If your apartment doesn’t have a dinner table, it may be difficult to find seating for all your guests. If this is the case, consider a grazing menu instead of a fork and knife menu. A grazing menu is food that can be eaten standing up without a fork and knife. This casual dining experience is perfect for apartment parties. It can be a fun, creative experience turning the Thanksgiving feast into bite-sized party food like turkey skewers and mini pumpkin pies!

Potluck Thanksgiving

Many apartments have limited kitchen counter space and storage. Feeding a group of people Thanksgiving dinner from an apartment kitchen can be made easier by suggesting a potluck, where each guest brings a different dish! This will help make clean-up easier, prevent your kitchen from being cluttered with pots and pans, and remove stress and hassle from your holiday.

Utilize Outdoor Space

The Florida November weather is typically cool and breezy. To optimize your space for your guests, make use of any outdoor space available to you. Place coolers or the bar outside to clear up kitchen space and encourage guests to go outdoors. This extra space can help decongest the common area, help with the noise level inside, and make your apartment appear larger.