How to Find Your Perfect Apartment

There are hundreds of apartments available across Florida, for incoming students, graduates, young professionals and families. Different apartment complexes will offer their own unique set of benefits, so it’s important to know what you are looking for to get a place that matches your needs. Before diving into the search for your perfect apartment, it might be useful to make a list of everything you want and everything you need. This should include places nearby, number of rooms, square footage, indoor or outdoor parking, etc. and should be ranked from most important to least. While there are many apartments for rent in Gainesville, Orlando, Winter Park, Jacksonville and Lakeland that residents can take into consideration when deciding where to live, odds are they won’t have everything that you would want in them. An important rule to be aware of when it comes to apartment hunting is that there are always trade-offs. At CMC, we are dedicated to matching you up with the best apartments for rent that you’ll be happy to call your new home.

Things to Look For In A New Gainesville Apartment

Before you sign your lease, be sure to research exactly what kind of apartments are available for you to rent in your preferred area.

Luxury Or Non-Luxury Apartments?

The first thing to take into consideration when looking for new apartments is your budget. Depending on your budget, certain locations or complexes might be out of your range. Northcentral Florida offers many new, luxury apartment choices with large rooms, spas, tanning beds, large swimming pools and many other benefits. However, the rent prices for these apartments tend to be a couple hundred dollars steeper than non-luxury apartment complexes. If you are looking for luxury but can’t afford the high rates, you might look into choices further away from campus, shopping centers and other attractions. The change in location might offer lower rates for luxury apartments compared to those built closer to campuses and other hotspots in Gainesville, Orlando, Winter Park, Jacksonville and Lakeland. Sometimes luxury apartments aren’t a priority though, and these cities offers many other apartment options that still provide good, quality living for a fraction of the price. 

Location Is Key

Sometimes luxury isn’t a necessity, but location is. The right location can make all the difference depending on your lifestyle and the transportation available to you. For those in Gainesville who do not have a motorized vehicle, apartments near UF and areas like Archer Road, where there are shopping centers, might be more ideal than other locations for their constant bus routes and close proximity to everything. If you enjoy the nightlife and want to be in a community where there are constant college students, then Midtown and Downtown Gainesville might be more favorable due to their many bars and nightclubs. Just the same, it is important to know what might be around the apartment and how those places could fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a calm, community feel, or a fast-paced, exciting area, there will always be apartment complexes to fit the lifestyle you are seeking.

Amenities Offered

Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, the features and services that apartment complexes offer can be highly important to consider. For example, if you plan on bringing your furry friend to live with you, you need to make sure that your apartment is pet friendly. Many apartments in Gainesville, Orlando, Winter Park, Jacksonville and Lakeland are pet friendly, however, a one-time fee or monthly fee has to be paid. Another factor to take into account is security of the complex. Some apartment complexes might be gated or have controlled access doors that can only be opened by residents, while other complexes are completely open to everyone. If you plan on bringing a car or other motorized vehicle, some complexes will have garage parking while others will have a lot. It is also not uncommon for apartment complexes to have a limited number of parking spots available. Check to see if your desired apartment has assigned parking, how much it costs and what are the other parking options available around the complex if the spaces fill up.