How To Find The Great Outdoors Near Your Apartment

Modern Gainesville apartments are all about providing residents with ample living space, convenience, and comfort. To this end, many housing communities feature long lists of amenities, so residents can both work and play while staying close to home. Luxury staples like resort-style pools and 24-hour gyms, for example, provide residents with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. Nevertheless, those looking to escape the noise of the city might wonder how far they need to go to find the great outdoors. When living in Gainesville, FL, the answer is: not too far! Follow these simple tips by Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP to find the great outdoors near our modern apartments in Gainesville.

Outdoor Amenities

Before heading outside of the city, consider whether your community features any outdoor areas with natural scenery. If you live in pet friendly apartments, for example, your community may have a dog park on-site. Additionally, increasingly more communities are taking advantage of North Central Florida’s natural resources, with lush green landscaping and manicured lawns. While not completely rugged and wild like a prairie, urban gardens and green spaces can likewise provide residents with a calming and soothing environment. Even better, some Gainesville rentals allow residents the luxury of having their own private courtyard!

Nature Parks & Trails

Gainesville is an active-environment complete with hundreds of scenic parks and trails dotted throughout the city for runners, cyclists, and families to enjoy. Without driving so much as half an hour, Gainesville residents can visit any of the following local-favorite landmarks.

Museums & Zoos

When living in Gainesville, FL apartments with a big family, sometimes it’s best to skip the bug repellent and sunscreen, and instead aim for a trip indoors. Parents looking to teach environmental-awareness to their kids need not worry, however. Visit these popular destinations for an afternoon of learning about Florida’s biodiversity.