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How To Be A Good Roommate

If you’re moving into an apartment in Florida with a seasoned roommate, friend, or someone new to you, you should know that pleasant cohabitation requires some effort. Moving into a new living space is an exciting and enriching experience! But for those nervous about their roommate situation, moving may be more stressful. Here, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, details the top tips for being the best roommate ever!

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Get To Know Your Rommate’s Schedule

You and your roommate may have nearly identical schedules, similar schedules, or your schedules may be completely different. Some days, you may need to wake up early while they can sleep in, or vice-versa. No matter how different your schedules might be, a significant aspect of being a good roommate is being mindful and respectful of your roommate’s needs. If you know your roommate has an early morning ahead of them, let them get the rest they need, and they’ll be sure to return the favor!

Discuss Your Likes & Dislikes

Do you know if your roommate prefers to hang their used towels to dry on a rack or over the door? Or if they prefer the toilet paper roll to feed from above or below? What about whether they prefer cleaning dishes as they are used, or they don’t mind seeing dirty dishes in the sink? These may sound trivial, but knowing your roommate’s likes and dislikes can help prevent arguments in your new, shared living space. One important way to prevent conflict is for each person to communicate openly about their needs and likes.

Communicate About Guests

Being considerate of your roommate applies to you, but it also applies to your guests in shared spaces. Be considerate of your roommate by telling them if you plan to have any potential guests. Communicate with them about when your guests will arrive, how long they’ll stay, and the number of people around. Give them notice prior to having visitors, so you don’t catch them off-guard. This can prevent strains in your relationship and help facilitate open communication with your roommate.

Divide Up Responsibilities

When you live with a roommate, the last thing you or your roommate wants is one person to do all the cleaning, cooking, and other apartment-related tasks. To help to prevent this, make an effort to divide up responsibilities. Make a plan to equitably distribute apartment tasks between you and your roommate. For example, if your roommate enjoys cooking and you do not, ask if they can clean up afterward. Creating a chore schedule where you take turns cleaning shared spaces may be useful.

Be Prepared To Compromise

Not everyone has the same ideas about day-to-day living as you do. When you have a roommate, you should be prepared to compromise with them. Recognize that your living space is shared between people with different values, preferences, and dislikes. Consider their feelings, and they will do the same for you. If you and your roommate have disagreements, be prepared to compromise with them, just as you would a family member, close friend, or someone else you care for. Compromise is key to helping you and your roommate live in harmony with one another.