Holiday Season Burglaries & Safety Tips

Residents listen up!

Each year around the holidays the Gainesville Police Department investigates multiple reports of residential and car burglaries in student populated areas. Please keep in mind the following tips to help you from becoming a victim:

• ALWAYS lock your car and residence doors
• Report suspicious people who are loitering or driving through your apartment complex or neighborhood
• Consider putting your TVs radios and/or lights on timers to give the appearance that someone is home
• Do not leave valuables in your vehicle overnight
• Document your valuables and their serial numbers. You never know when this comes in handy and you can use this downloadable Valuables I.D. kit here

- When shopping do not carry a lot of cash with you
- Don't leave your packages in plain sight in your car; instead leave them locked in your trunk
- Park in well-lit areas at the mall
- Don't give in to solicitors who are not with a reputable charitable organization
- Avoid placing gifts in view of people who can see them from the street