Happy Social Media Day!

And yes that title is for real. We had a tough time thinking about what to blog about this morning. There are so many great topics and centerpieces in the world right now. For example: Facebook says they're dismantling the "Boycott BP" Fanpage was an accident (it's since been fixed and is back up live) to talk of Hurricane Alex - a category one storm - affecting aforementioned oil spill activity in the gulf to a local level like...how about that scary thunder and lightning storm yesterday?! We lost power at the corporate office on NW 43rd Street..did you?

So we decided to keep things light by saying "Happy Social Media Day" as proclaimed by Mashable - easily the leader (we think) in this whole social networking/media-sphere. How great is it that we celebrate the media (intangible or other) by being social!! If you're interested check out their online efforts they are planning socials (no pun) intended worldwide for social media junkies like ourselves! We think it's the sign of our time since the progression is amazing. Think of it as witnessing when video killed the radio star. Again is this a confirmed national holiday? Well...no but neither is National Doughnut Day and we were all over that too call us suckers for a good time.

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Speaking of social media we tried a little something different for our CMC Socials team recruiting and borrowed a big chunk of video from a McDonald's commercial we saw and fell in love it. We're always looking for talent to be in photos videos online etc. Tell us what you think on Facebook.