Haircuts & Oil Spills

When natural disasters strike for some the first instinct is "What can I do to help?". Many times it's not that easy to give immediate relief but we found a way where you can: help out go green and include it in your normal life all at the same time. Intrigued? Then keep reading.

Looking at continuing news reports (like the video below) on the recent Gulf Coast oil spills made us think how something so far away can affect many types of industry and day to day lives in the area and across the state.

But there is something everyone can do on the local level and we think it's kind of cool. It's a group called Matter of Trust. They ask salons nationwide to register with them and turn over old hair that would have been discarded from client hair cuts. They take that hair and turn in into bio-degrable mats that can be thrown in the ocean to absorb the oil - which if you've spent time browsing the hair care racks at the store then that might make complete hscientific sense. Can we speak on the science behind the project? Well no but we do think it's something to give think about.

The best part there are salons around Gainesville that support this cause the ones we knows of are: Scissors and Cloud 9 Spa and Salon. Do you know of any others? Salons out there want to vocal on this one?