Get to Know Gainesville: A Guide to Local Neighborhoods

Moving to a new area can be both exciting and stressful. There are so many living options available, each with their own benefits. That said, with so many options, choosing a place to live can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you are living in the best possible area for your needs, but how can you ensure that it’s right for you if you don’t know the area? Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP is here to help make your search for new housing a breeze by giving you a rundown on the city of Gainesville. We can help you find the right student housing Gainesville has to offer or comfortable family apartments and townhomes for rent in Gainesville, FL.

Gainesville Neighborhoods

Gainesville’s numerous neighborhoods offer a variety of living experiences, with something for just about every lifestyle and budget.

Archer Road

Archer Road is located in the southwest region of Gainesville. It is a busy road, mixing some of the best Gainesville apartments for rent for both students and residents. On Archer Road sits Butler Plaza, a large retail complex, along with hundreds of other stores and restaurants both large chain and local. It is a close commute to UF and Shands, and bus lines have stops just about everywhere. While there can be heavy traffic on Archer Road, it is an exciting area, with just about everything you need only a short distance away.

Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville is a small area on the east side of the city; however, it is packed with shops, bars, fine restaurants, the Hippodrome Theatre and many other attractions. It has a lot to offer during the day, but even more at night. Downtown mixes modern, newer apartments and condos with older, quaint houses for rent. While it has very limited parking, it offers many events, such as a weekly farmers market, art festivals and constant nightlife. Not to mention, the UF campus is fairly close, just down University Avenue.

Midtown Gainesville

Midtown Gainesville sits just north of the UF campus, making it an ideal area for students given its close proximity. The strip is filled with restaurants and bars frequently occupied by students and feeds right into downtown. There are many options for both older and newer apartment complexes as well as single-family houses; however, most housing is aimed for students and there isn’t much parking available. In this area, students can constantly be seen making their way to and from classes, and it is a prime spot for tailgating during football season.

Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville has more of a family atmosphere: relatively quiet, low traffic and trees that line the neighborhoods. While there are less apartment options for students than other areas, it extends all the way to Santa Fe, so it is still home to students and professors as well as local residents. The area has a good variety of houses and condos for sale and rent and is roughly 15 minutes from the UF campus. While it has all the necessary large chains, such as Publix and Wal-Mart, they are more spread out than areas like Archer.

Sorority Row & South Gainesville

Sorority Row and South Gainesville extends east towards downtown and south towards Shands. While some of its areas are close to campus, it is a lot less populated and developed. It offers a nice range of houses, condos and apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, that tend to be less expensive than other areas. It is relatively calm and quiet with low traffic, and is close to nature sights such as Paynes Prairie.

Tioga & Haile

Tioga and Haile are a few miles west and southwest of Gainesville. While they are further from campus than the other areas in Gainesville, they still offer many places to eat, shop and hang out. Tioga and Haile are both family oriented and more suitable for residential living than for students. They offer a wide array of houses, apartments and condos, with parks, playgrounds, town centers and walking trails nearby.

West Gainesville

There's a large variety of apartments in West Gainesville, with rentals for both students and families. It is ideal for its close proximity to the UF campus, without being too close to it. Oaks Mall is located on West Gainesville as well as many other restaurants and shopping centers, making it a hotspot. Some other attractions include the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Butterfly Rainforest and the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. However, some roads of West Gainesville are known for their congestion during rush hour.

Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP can set you up with a wide range  of housing options in each of these neighborhoods, so contact us to schedule an appointment to find your new Gainesville home.