Living in Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville sits east of the University of Florida campus, encompassing the area around University Avenue and Main Street. It is a mixture of new condos and apartments with older, quaint houses scattered about. The people who live here are a mixture of professionals, who work in the Downtown offices, and students from UF and even Santa Fe College. Downtown Gainesville has a lot to offer its residents during the day and even more at night. If you are looking for student housing near UF in the Downtown area, contact CMC Apartments. We can help you find the right apartment in the area for you.

Perks of Student Living in Downtown Gainesville

If you’re into the nightlife scene, then Downtown Gainesville is the perfect area for you. Downtown houses most of the nightclubs in Gainesville, as well as bars and restaurants. Along with Midtown, this is typically one of the areas where students head to on weekends to go out. The area is also a center for local restaurants  from quick eats to fine dining and unique boutiques. Overall, the Downtown area is a great place for constant activity during the day and night. Downtown Gainesville is also conveniently located just a couple of minutes away from the UF campus, offering a great location for student apartments in Gainesville.

What to Consider About Living in Downtown Gainesville

Despite its bustling nature, Downtown Gainesville offers very limited parking, even more so if you are looking for free parking. When choosing to live in Gainesville apartments near Downtown, it is important to ask the complex if a parking area will be provided exclusively for residents. Also, Downtown tends to be a very popular area, so if you prefer quieter, more secluded living then this side of Gainesville might not be the best choice for you. Despite having many restaurants and local boutiques, you won’t find grocery stores or retail stores nearby. You would have to make a trip by car or bus whenever you need to do major shopping.

Transportation from Downtown Gainesville

The UF campus is located just minutes east of Downtown, and depending on where you live, it can be a short walk, bike or car ride away straight down University Avenue. The Rosa Parks Downtown station is also located here, meaning that you can take a bus almost anywhere in Gainesville. Even Santa Fe and the Gainesville Regional Airport are only a couple minutes north of Downtown. The Oaks Mall, however, is on the opposite side of Gainesville, making for a longer commute.

Attractions Near Downtown Gainesville

Apart from the many clubs, bars and restaurants, Downtown Gainesville is also home to the Hippodrome Theater where you can enjoy live performances. The area holds a farmers market every Wednesday, and it is not uncommon for events, such as art festivals and music performances, to be held here.

Businesses Near Downtown Gainesville

Downtown is home to many of Gainesville’s business offices as well as government buildings. The area is littered with enough local restaurants, such as Dragonfly Sushi & Sake, Boca Fiesta, Emiliano’s Cafe, Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria, and unique boutiques to keep you busy visiting new places everyday.

Apartments for Rent in Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville is an area many students like to call home because of its lively atmosphere day and night as well as local flare. If you are looking for apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, contact CMC Apartments today. We can help find the perfect apartment for you in Downtown Gainesville.