We're in love with Dormify - the latest buzz on our radar for trendy furnishings and home decor that caters to students and anyone fun-loving.

Dormify is great because as you guessed it it's all about dorms and student-style housing. Most importantly size! Every item on their site is size-appropriate for college apartment living; which means it's great for smaller and/or shared spaces but doesn't lack when it comes to style. Here are a few of our favorite things from Dormify:

Pretty Linens

You can shop two ways for these goods. Dormify sells their bedding in collections - packaged items that work well together or you can buy pieces a la carte.

And it's not just girly girl glamour. There are many pieces for guys too . Including decals lamps posters and tech gadgets and furnishings.

They've got everything from sheets and shams to throws pillows and more.

We're big fans of poofs and pretty rooms as evident on our Pinterest board.

Survival Kits

Only the most awesome things ever! With great names like Sun's Out Guns Out [for the sun lovers & pool partiers] and Cram Bam Thank you Ma'am [for the last minute crammers...really who doesn't cram] you can imagine the fun contents inside.

Parents take notes these care packages are winners. We especially like the Pack Your Kit and Go kit; chock full of things perfect for a study-abroad student or someone who's due for a long flight back home.

Greek Stylin'

This is the best selection of Greek goodies we've seen anywhere. Dormify offers a fresh take on traditional sorority items & prints in an array of totes tanks wall decals and other cute goodies. We especially like these pouches and cases.

But don't take my word for it. Ask Meghann our resident Tri Delta and Dormify Style Ambassdor what she thinks.

On sale now are these nifty customizable sorority rain boots. Perfect for this Florida fall weather.

Furnishings & Accessories

Call this our 'miscellaneous love' list but Dormify also covers those other areas of your apartment like:


We hope you'll check out Dormify and like it as much as we do. If you're a CMC Resident (or friend) here's special treat:

From now until October 1st enjoy the CMC Resident Discount get 15% off with code: CMCMOVES All photos seen here are from Dormify.com