Get your groceries delivered with Lazy Delivery

We're excited to announce a new partnership for 2014. We've joined forces with local startup Lazy Delivery - a service that shops your grocery and pharmacy lists for you and delivers the items to your door.

Keep reading because there is a special deal for all CMC Apartments residents in Gainesville FL.

From your smartphone or computer send Lazy Delivery your shopping list and their team will bring the items from the store to your door. Lazy Delivery picks up from Publix Ward's Supermarket Citizens Co-op Uppercrust Bakery Walmart Walgreens CVS and more.

You can request an instant delivery which is fulfilled within 2 hours or schedule a delivery for a future time and date. And here's the deal - all CMC Apartments residents get 50% off this service.

Gainesville FL grocery delivery CMC Apartments


Where do I place my grocery list order?
You can do so at Lazy Delivery.

How do I get the CMC resident discount?
You simply have to be a CMC Apartments resident at any of our Gainesville Florida properties to qualify for 50% off the delivery fee.

Is there a coupon code I need before checkout?
No your address will verify that you live at a CMC community.

How does it work?
Go to Lazy Delivery. You can place an order for 10 line items (line items are items of the same kind so 5 Dannon greek yogurts would qualify as one item). You are charged the cost of groceries plus Lazy Delivery's delivery fee. CMC Residents enjoy 50% off this fee every Tuesday.

Can I order any time on any day and still get the 50% off delivery discount?
No the discount is only open for scheduled Tuesday deliveries to your CMC community from 6p.m. onwards.

Does that mean I can only order on Tuesdays?
No. You can order anytime online 24/7. To get the discount you must schedule delivery for Tuesdays after 6p.m. - all other delivery days and times will be the regular Lazy Delivery rate.

What if I need more than 10 items?
Each item after your allowed first 10 line item order is an additional .70 cents - but remember it will be 50% off this price on Tuesdays after 6p.m.

How do I pay for my order?
You pay for your groceries & the delivery via cash credit or debit card upon receipt to Lazy Delivery.

I don't live in Gainesville but would like to order groceries for my son/ daughter/ parent that lives at your community. Is that OK?
Absolutely! But please contact Lazy Delivery for special instructions on processing this order at or call 352-639-0734.

I still have questions...
That's OK please contact Lazy Delivery at
Please be advised Contemporary Management Concepts LLLP is a simple promotion partner with Lazy Delivery and is not affiliated with or responsible for Lazy Delivery orders or transactions.