A Florida Five: things on our radar for this weekend's home game

This weekend marks the start of Gator Football season - on Saturday Florida takes on Toledo in the Swamp. And other than crushing the opponent winning here are a few things on our radar. See these and other goodies on our Orange & Blue Anything board on Pinterest.

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Goods for a FL Gator Game for you your tailgate your friends and your kids | CMC Scene
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ONE: Here's all you need to know about a home football game including: rule changes maps parking and towing details shuttles and more.

TWO: Why do all the work for a tailgate when someone else can do it for you? Have a turnkey tailgate with TailgateGuysUF. They set up all the things you'd need for an excellent tailgate by 9a.m. clean up afterward and you're allowed to stay on until three hours after the game (because y'know after parties are the best).

Have you ever used TailgateGuysUF? We'd love to hear what your experience was like.

THREE: Urban Outfitters has a pretty sweet selection of pint glasses - you have to admit Beer o'clock is pretty awesome. We like this glass and this crocodile bottle opener. Also see our guide to getting craft beers in Gainesville

FOUR: For all the little Gators in our lives this fun 'Be a Good One' print from HelpInk is a really nice way to encourage them to be their very best. It says Whatever you are be a good one" with cute orange and blue illustrations.
It's a perfect way to start a new school year on the right track. Plus purchases made from HelpInk benefit a charity of your choice (you choose from five organizations).
Fun art AND a positive message for kids - that's a win-win in our books.

FIVE: Skipping the crowd and watching the game at your apartment? Serve some festive snacks like these easy to make football calzones.

To make these football pizza pockets: cut out football shapes from homemade or packaged pastry dough and fill with your favorite ingredients like: mozzarella pepperoni (or basil for your vegetarian friends) and tomato sauce. Slice some “laces” into the top before baking and serve with a side of marinara for dipping.

Tell us below how you plan on celebrating Labor Day weekend and some football fun below.