First-Time Renters: Here’s What You Need to Know

On the whole, renting apartments is easier than homeownership, particularly because many things in apartments are taken care of by the property manager, from property taxes to building maintenance. For beginner renters, the learning curve includes tasks such as choosing where to live and understanding one’s obligations as a tenant. Review this introductory guide to bolster your knowledge of the basic steps involved with renting apartments in Gainesville.

Choose Your Apartment in Gainesville Wisely

Gainesville apartments vary from one rental property to the next. As a renter, it’s your duty to research apartments and choose one that best suits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Rent Price

The price of rent can be higher or lower than average depending on where the apartment falls on the spectrum from economy to luxury. Typically, rent prices directly correlate to the desirability of the property, its neighborhood and its amenities. Thus, rent prices of Gainesville student housing differ from those of urban lofts or residential homes. Regardless of the type of housing, a general recommendation is that rent should not exceed 30 percent of your income. Some landlords require proof of income to ensure the 30-percent rule applies.

Style & Location

For the sake of your long-term satisfaction, it’s worth ensuring that the style and location of your apartment are compatible with your daily activities. Students might choose off-campus apartments near UF to be able to walk or ride their bikes to campus and split rent costs among multiple roommates. Families might choose multilevel townhouses to be near schools and parks and have plenty of living space. Professionals might choose urban lofts to benefit from luxury amenities and neighborhood shops and restaurants. In general, choosing an apartment with an appropriate amount of interior space in a community near your school or workplace is advisable.

Understand Your Lease

In every type of rental housing, tenants are obligated to sign leases. Equally as important as signing the lease, though, is understanding the information it contains. Each of several pages is filled with details about the property and rules for tenants to follow. For example, an apartment’s lease may discuss the rules for decorating the walls, hosting guests, disposing of trash and recyclables, utilizing community amenities, or parking vehicles in the lot. Furthermore, the lease outlines the landlord’s policy for tenants moving out, such as whether a vacate notice is due a certain number of days ahead of the end of the rental term.

Get Renters’ Insurance

The landlord of your apartment has property insurance to protect the value of the building you live in if disaster occurs, but this coverage doesn’t extend to your personal property inside the apartment. To ensure the investments in your wardrobe, furniture, electronics and other belongings aren’t lost as a result of fire, water, storms or another mishap, take out a renters’ insurance policy. Sometimes it’s possible to receive a discounted rate by combining your renters’ and vehicle insurance with the same provider.

Apartments for Rent in Gainesville, FL

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