Image of Erik Moore

Erik was called upon to manage two properties at one time. We called him on March 20th and explained he would be needed at Huntington Lakes to manage until our new manager came on board April 1st. He arrived at Huntington Lakes by 10 am on the 21st and has owned the site as if it were his to manage on a daily basis. He has helped our new maintenance supervisor as he settles in and is making sure budget projects in process are completed. He has also reached out to new vendors to help complete projects after he is gone. We completed a bank inspection perfectly under his management. During this transition, he has effectively managed The Courtyards remotely. The Courtyards pre-lease numbers went from 93.7% to 95.4%, and Huntington Lakes increased their fall pre-leased percentage by 4%, so neither property missed a beat! Erik’s positive and kind attitude is amazing, and displays an excellent example of what being a team member is all about