Image of Emma Turkki

We are proud to announce that the April CMC Building Relationship Employee of the month is Emma Turkki. Emma works at 23West, where she also oversees leasing for a new development community, 88th Street Cottages. Her manager, Stefanie Denney, nominated Emma for this distinction and says, "Emma is an extremely loyal employee who is positive and makes everyone smile." Emma's ability to connect with prospects, build rapport and convert them to become residents has been remarkable in the short six months she has been a leasing consultant. 23West is consistently ranked as one of CMC's best communities based on prospect and resident reviews. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 quarantine, Since March 1st, Emma has personally received five 5-star reviews, and her service has contributed to the 23West’s highest-ranked reputation score of all CMC properties, a phenomenal 818 out of 1,000. Congratulation Emma. We are so fortunate to have you on our CMC team.