Image of Emilio Echeverria

Emilio goes above and beyond on a daily basis. His ability to connect with residents and make sure their concerns are addressed in their apartment is outstanding, Emilio always takes that extra minute to have a conversation with residents and explain to them what he is doing to address their work order and his plan of action if additional time is needed to correct the issue. He will always do whatever you need without question, and with a smile on his face, his positive energy is infectious throughout the office. His professionalism and ability to adapt to whatever situation we throw him into are unmatched, he is always willing to lend a helping hand whether it be here at Midtown or at another property. All of this and more is why Emilio deserves the honor of Employee of the Month. I have had the pleasure of working with Emilio over the last year. I have seen him grow into an excellent supervisor and leader. Last year he jumped into student turns without blinking, even when he shuffled around to different properties. This year I have watched him take that experience and organize this upcoming turn, so we are in a better position. Emilio is always kind and willing to help, he presents ideas to help resolve issues, and he is an amazing team player and leader. It has been a pleasure working together this past year, and I feel confident this turn will be the best one yet. I am honored to nominate Emilio as Employee of the Month, his genuine attitude, willingness to help, excellent customer service, and organizational skills make him a true example we all can follow!