DIY Holiday Decorating For Your Apartment

The holiday season is here, and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than to decorate your Florida apartment? It may take creativity to optimize your holiday decorations for people with apartments and homes with limited space. Creating homemade holiday decorations can help create a unique space and save money. Plus, making festive decorations can be fun for friends or family. Check out these fun and affordable ways to DIY holiday decorations for your apartment!

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Garland Tree

Full-sized trees can take up a lot of space and be very expensive. Most real tree stands offer free tree trimmings cut fresh from the bottom of trees people purchase. These trimmings look and smell great and are perfect for decorating your home. Pin them to a wall in the shape of a tree, hang them from the ceiling, or use them to line a table or mantle.

Paper Table Cloth

For a fun and affordable way to elevate your tablescape this year, try lining your table with paper and drawing on it. Most craft stores sell large spools of paper in white, brown, and black. Once the table is covered and the paper secured, you can draw placemats with names, trees, ornaments, flowers, stars, or anything you want! It is fun and adds a personal touch to your holiday dinner party.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

All you need is popsicle sticks and some basic craft glue to make snowflakes, trees, and more. Popsicle sticks are available in bulk at most craft stores, are easy to work with, and can be painted in different colors if desired. They can be hung from the ceiling or used as tree ornaments.

Dried Citrus Garland

Instead of stringing up popcorn this year, try citrus! Dried citrus garland looks excellent and smells wonderful. Simply slice the citrus of your choice into thin circles and dehydrate in the oven or a dehydrator. Use a fishing line or string to connect the slices and hang them. For added color, alternate citrus and cranberries.

Door Wreaths

Possibilities are endless when it comes to making DIY custom wreaths. You can use garland, ornaments, florals, cloth, or multiple mediums. Wreathes take up little to no space and serve as beautiful festive decor. Wreaths are not just for outside, hang them on interior doors to optimize space for holiday decorations.