Decorating Tips for Student Apartments

Decorations in an apartment serve multiple purposes, from personalizing the space to enhancing its functionality. In the variety of student apartments for rent Gainesville residents choose, the potential for decorating depends on the size and layout of each unit. Furnished apartments only fit a few personal additions, while unfurnished apartments are blank slates ideal for customizing the entire place. To prevent a budget from limiting your options, consider thrifty design tricks for student apartments.

Design Ideas for Gainesville Apartments

The layouts of apartments in Gainesville vary, but there are universal decorating ideas that can work in almost any space. These clever and affordable design concepts can provide aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an inexpensive decoration with a large upside. They provide surface area for you to display objects without diminishing precious floor space as a table would. To attach the shelves, instead of drilling holes in the wall with screws or nails, use removable, no-damage wall hangers.

Paint Your Furniture

Painting white walls with vibrant colors can change the mood in an apartment dramatically. However, it can be hard work, especially in Gainesville apartments with as many as five bedrooms and a lot of wall space. Plus, walls would need to be painted back to the original color when tenants move out, or painting them may not be allowed at all. So, a better option is to paint the furniture you own. Giving a table or dresser a new color has a refreshing effect and requires less work and fewer supplies. Just remember to set down newspaper or work outside to prevent wayward paint drips falling on the apartment floor.  

Area Rugs

Whether you want a diverse or unified design theme throughout your apartment, area rugs are versatile tools. Placing similar rugs in the living room and bedroom can tie the rooms together, while unique rugs in each bedroom are a way for roommates to express their individuality. Rugs also protect the flooring in the apartment, which increases your chances of receiving your full security deposit upon moving out.


Mirrors create the illusion of more space and eliminate the need for daytime lights by reflecting the natural sunlight that comes in through the windows. The variety of styles and sizes of mirrors available caters to just about any design theme. Like other decorations that hang on the walls, mirrors should be hung with removable hangers to prevent damage.

Where to Shop for Decorations

Before revamping an apartment, it’s helpful to know where to find inexpensive decorations in Gainesville. Most students in off-campus apartments near UF live within a few miles’ radius of multiple stores that carry household items. Retail chains such as Walmart, T.J. Maxx, and HomeGoods sell new products, from furniture to bedding. Refurbished or pre-owned apartment decorations are available from individual sellers online on Craigslist and The Repurpose Project Reuse Store, which is partly organized by UF students.

Gator Gear

Gainesville student housing is often where items from a special category called “Gator Gear” are found. These are orange-and-blue household decorations adorned with the UF insignia, which students display around their apartments to show school pride. Many stores throughout Gainesville carry Gator Gear. Some of the most prominent retailers are Gator Shop and Gator Mania.

Student Apartments for Rent in Gainesville, FL

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