Mistakes To Avoid When Renting

Common Mistakes First-Time Renters Make

Common Mistakes First-Time Renters Make

Posted on Nov 19th, 2019 in Gainesville Apartments

When it comes to renting apartments in Gainesville for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of excitement. The idea of moving to a new area, the endless redecorating possibilities, and the potential friendships to be had with new neighbors are all fun to dream about prior to moving in, but they are just a piece of the move-in process. Before settling on that ‘perfect’ apartment, consider these mistakes most renters make when renting for the first time.

Renting Before Touring

After countless hours of internet research, seeing model properties, and taking virtual tours, most renters feel safe in their ability to go ahead and sign the housing contract without ever actually seeing the apartment they will be moving into. While in most cases the show unit will be close in style, size, and cleanliness to the actual apartment, there may be some cosmetic or layout differences residents only notice in-person that could be potential dealbreakers. Most Gainesville apartment communities will be more than happy to give renters a tour of the actual apartment he or she will be moving into, making it easy to avoid any move-in day surprises.

Skimming The Housing Contract

Reading through the entirety of a housing contract can be a tedious endeavor, but skipping over the fine print can quickly make any living situation a headache. Not all communities are equal, and while some pet-friendly apartments have no restrictions on weight or breed, others have strict restrictions that could limit one or more pets from being allowed. By thoroughly reading the housing contract, renters will have a better idea of the expectations they are meant to follow, and may even uncover some added benefits, such as 24-hour fitness room access, guest privileges, on-site maintenance, and more.

Not Taking Move-In Photos

Let's face it: things happen when living in an apartment. Spills on the carpet, scrapes on the walls, and other cosmetic blemishes are a part of life — every apartment has its fair share of history. When it comes time to move in, take some time to walk around and photograph the whole apartment, including closet spaces, all the rooms, patio areas, and anywhere else that is going to be frequently used. These photographs can help speed up the move-out process, and ensure the property managers don’t have to dip into the security deposit in order to pay for repairs.

Moving To The Wrong Neighborhood

With undergrads, grad students, young adults pursuing a career, families, and everyone in between all calling Gainesville home, it’s important to pick an apartment that fits your lifestyle. Apartments near UF are typically chosen by students, as they provide convenient access to campus while also being close to common hangout spots, such as midtown and downtown. Those who are established and are looking for a more relaxed part of town may instead prefer luxury apartments farther away from the daily hustle-and-bustle that being near the university brings. Take some time to scout out how active the community in the morning, evening, and on gamedays and see if it is right for your lifestyle needs.

When it comes time to search for apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, take the time to do the proper research to find a home you’ll love coming back to. At Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP we manage a wide range of property types and styles to accommodate the various lifestyles our guests love to live. To learn more about one of our properties, contact us today!

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