CMC Sounds: Chairlift & Asteroids Galaxy Tour | After the Apple Commercials

What's life like after your song plays in an Apple commercial?

Pretty good if you're a member of these two bands. This week offered new album releases from indie-darlings Chairlift and Denmark pop group Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

You probably remember Chairlift's single Bruises from it's play in a Apple Nano commercial a few models back. Since their debut album Does You Inspire You they've been newly signed to Columbia Records and popped up as featured performer at the 2011 College Music Journal Festival.

BUY CHAIRLIFT'S NEW ALBUM SOMETHING ON If you like bands: The xx The Whitest Boy Alive or Phantogram - Chairlift's music will most definitely grow on you. Their sophomore album has more danceability soft tones muted bass - a great combination for a road trip dance party or mellow Saturday evening. Songs of note so far are: AmanaemonesiaSidewalk SafariI Belong In Your Arms (expect a full album review soon).

For their latest release Something Chairlift is doing a first of its kind video release for their track Met Before". The video will be interactive meaning fans can participate in the build of the video.

As we understand it the video will follow a “choose your own adventure” format -a relatively unprecedented release in the music scene.

BUY CHAIRLIFT'S NEW ALBUM SOMETHING ON Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a psychedelic pop band from Copenhagen Denmark. This quirky quartet’s music has been most discovered via TV commercials. Tracks off their album Fruit were featured in a Heineken commercial - The Golden Age and an Apple iTouch commercial -
Around the Bend.

Their second studio album Out of Frequency will be available on January 31 and if you like Foster the People Yeah Yeah Yeahs Annie MGMT Phoenix or Goldfrapp then check out the first single off the album Heart Attack or watch the video here.

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