CMC in the News!

What a surprise to open Saturday's D-section of The Gainesville Sun for a front page article on the mobile app and website Foodspotting and CMC's Marketing and Social Media Director Melanie.

(Well not that much of a surpise since I knew I was being interviewed and now I have to write about it here in third person).

Foodspotting Article

Still we're excited. Read the article here!

Along with getting our feedback they spoke to our friend Erica Rodriguez Kight from $uper$teals - a blog giving suggestions on ways to clip coupon and save money.

Erica has just taken her blog to a weekly TV segment which you can catch live Thursdays on GTN News in Gainesville at:


With all this talk about Foodspotting we've dedicated a dishes review area on our blog.

Take a look and make a suggestion. What place should we visit next?