CMC at Gainesville Fashion Week

Though the event doesn't take place until April (Wednesday 6th through Sunday 10th to be exact) we have an exclusive sneak peak at the action for the fourth season of Gainesville Fashion Week!

Yup. You read that correctly.

So take that Miami New York London and Milan! We're joining the list of fashion and design events right here in the 352.

Actually Gainesville Fashion Week was recognized in the January 2011 issue of Southern Living magazine as one of "the best fashion events in the south" and CMC Apartments and Spyglass is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring this event with other great businesses in town.

They invited us to their Official Model Photo Shoot where the new talent for 2011 made their first debut.

GFW says photos from that shoot along with the model headshots should be on their website soon.

In the meantime check out some behind the scenes footage here or their equally cool Gainesville Fashion Week Blog.

We can't wait to see what hits the runway in April!