CMC in 3D (without the glasses)

3D is all over the place right?

Books magazines movie screens (anyone see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D this summer?) why not see your apartment in 3D?

And we don't mean going out and buying a 3D television - simply check out our new floor plans.

We've upped the ante with these awesome 3D designs of our floor plans.

And on top of being super awesome and easy to read (as far as floor plan layout) they are also very true to real life.

Check out this 3D floor plan for Nantucket Walk
- we included photos of the real mccoy for you to compare below.

We've got the matching tiles cabinets counters door style and appliances so you can see what to expect in your apartment.

Here's a shot of the kitchen counters - the same ones in the 3D floor plan.

Even the bathroom gets a realistic representation with full tile and tub imagery in the 3D plan PLUS is that water in the tub? Yes yes it is.

We are slowly loading all these new images online. We hope you like the new look check out our websites and tell us what you think.