Image of Christy Wells

Christy Wells has been with CMC since 2014 and is currently the property manager of Hunters Crossing, a 300-unit conventional property in northwest Gainesville. This year has been challenging due to manning shortages, but Christie has maintained professionalism with her team members and residents. Christy is a quiet leader. She leads by example, and she is extremely organized, creative, and knowledgeable. She does not ask her team to do anything he would not do. She is clear in her direction and takes ownership of her property. Hunters Crossing has two guest suites and has been without janitorial and maintenance staff on and off since June. Christy never made an excuse for something not being clean. Instead, she reached out to other managers for assistance or would call in the cleaning company as needed. She showed excellent teamwork with team members at other properties over the holidays by sharing her staff calendar and offering her leasing agents to help run other sites when we had fellow employees out sick or on PTO. When fellow northwest managers reached out to her, she was quick to give guidance and make sure they were completing items properly. Christy also managed Hunters Crossing’sturnschedule with her maintenance technicians and reached out for help from her regional manager if there was something they could not do. Because of her exemplary leadershipChristydid not miss a turn, nor have a bad move-in due to a unit not being ready. She was extremely proactive in walking units to ensure apartments were ready to go on move-in day and that her new residents felt welcomed into the community. Despite HuntersCrossing’sbeing one of the busiest offices in our company and being understaffed over the past few months, the property’s customer service reputation score has reached 811, the highest score across the CMC portfolio. We are honored to work with Christy and thrilled to award her December employee of the month as she truly embodies the CMC core values of integrity, service, expertise, commitment, and community. Congratulations, Christy!