Image of Chris Marcilla

Property manager Chris Marcilla is a team player and team leader and has earned the CMC Building Relationships employee of the month September 2019. Chris has served as interim manager at multiple properties while managers were out, and we know we can count on him to show up ready to tackle whatever challenge is set before him with a positive attitude. During the past year, Chris has done an excellent job as the property manager of Arbor and Arbor East Apartments. He has faced many challenges and has remained calm and organized through each of them. Chris increased Arbor’srentbythree percent in 2019 and leased up to 100% and has already begun leasing for the 2020 fall season. Since October 2018, Arbor Apartments’ reputation score has increased by 238 points is testimony to his exceptional resident customer service and follow-up. Chris has assisted with market surveys, graphs, charts, and property maps for all properties, as requested. Chris is always kind and ready to help, and his efforts prove that he does what he needs to do to make sure his property, residents, and investors are happy. Chris’customerservice is always top-notch, and he truly epitomizes the CMC core values of Integrity, Service, Expertise, Commitment, and community. Congratulations, Chris!