Should You Rent "By the Bed?"

When looking for apartments in central Florida to rent with one or more people, you will come across two different leasing options. Some apartment complexes will offer rent “by the bed” and others will offer rent “by the apartment.” Like with every aspect of apartment searching, there are trade-offs that must be taken into consideration to decide which is the option that best suits you. How favorable each option is depends on the individual and his/her own personal preferences and limitations, everything from peace of mind to financial constraints will factor into your decision. CMC Apartments has an array of housing options across central Florida, offering both “by the bed” and “by the apartment” leases.

“By the Bed” Leasing

“By the bed” leases, also known as individual leases, are the most common lease types for three and four bedroom apartments. This type of lease allows you to share the same apartment with one or more people but has each person pay their own separate rent. This means that your signed agreement requires you to pay only for your bed or bedroom and a share of the common areas such as the kitchen and living room.

Advantages of Individual Leases

Disadvantages of Individual Leases

“By the Apartment” Leasing

“By the apartment” leases are also known as joint leases. In this type of lease you are responsible for paying the entire cost of the apartment, not just a bedroom. If you live with roommates, the rent will be split amongst all of you, if you live alone you will be solely responsible for paying it in full, even if there are unoccupied rooms. This type of lease is most common for single room and two room apartments.

Advantages of Joint Leases

Disadvantages of Joint Leases

Gainesville Apartments for Rent

Renting an apartment is a big decision and even more so when there are roommates involved. “By the bed” and “by the apartment” leases each have their pros and cons, fortunately, CMC Apartments has a wide variety of student communities offering both options so that you can choose the right apartment complex with a lease that benefits you most. If you are searching for college apartments near campus, contact us today.