Best Pets For Apartments Near UF

Moving away from home to attend college is a significant transition and, while it’s certainly exciting, it can be equally nerve-wracking. But, what if I told you that it’s not a journey you have to embark on alone? Sure, you’ll have friends, peers, and your apartment roommates to lean on when things get tough; however, there’s another kind of companion that can make the college experience that much more enjoyable — a pet! 

Pets can provide invaluable companionship, comfort, support, and stress-relief for a hard-working college student. At Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, we recognize the numerous benefits students gain by having a loving pet at their side, which is why many of our student apartments near UF, such as Lakewood Villas and Spyglass Apartments, are pet-friendly communities. Check out the guide below to learn more about which pets make the best companions for apartment residents.

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Cats — they’re cute, cuddly, and the subject of most of the internet’s greatest content. What’s more, they make perfect pets for an apartment because of their small size and independent nature. Cats are incredibly low maintenance. Unless they’ve rolled around in something messy or develop clumps of matted hair, cats are entirely capable of grooming themselves. All you have to do to keep a cat happy is feed them, ensure they have drinking water, keep their litter box clean and play with them! 


There’s a reason dogs are known to be man’s best friend. They’re charming, playful, loving, and forever loyal. A dog will make for an exceptional companion to whoever will have them. However, keep in mind that dogs aren’t as low maintenance as felines. Whether you’ve got a big pup or a small one, dogs are highly energetic animals that require adequate exercise. That’s no problem, though. It just means you’ve got an excuse to go on a walk and take in some fresh air once a day.


Apartment residents, particularly students with a demanding schedule, can never go wrong with a pet fish. They are the least needy pet one could ask for, only requiring regular water changes for their tank and a few food pellets a day to survive. Certain species of fish, such as the ever-popular betta fish, can live anywhere between two to four years, making them a perfect pet for your college years. The best part? Owning a fish comes with health benefits! The simple act of watching a fish swim around in its tank has been shown to reduce blood pressure. The calming presence of a pet fish will make for an excellent addition to any apartment.


No, not the kinds that sneak into homes at night and chew holes in the bottom of cereal boxes. The cute kinds! Hamsters and guinea pigs are fantastic pets that take-up next to no space in your apartment, as they only require a small enclosure. Just feed them, clean their enclosure, and interact with them once a day to keep them happy. However, keep in mind that hamsters and guinea pigs are highly social animals, so be sure to adopt in pairs!


Birds, similarly to hamsters and guinea pigs, take-up very little space. Additionally, birds are also social animals, typically living in flocks. Accordingly, if you’re planning on buying a bird, it’s encouraged to purchase at least two, so they have one another’s company. Beyond that, birds make for exotic and lively pets. Care for them well, allow them out of their cage for some exercise once a day, and your birds can live to be up to twenty years old.