Architecture and Fine Arts Library

Interesting study areas inspiring volumes and a hideaway location. The Architecture and Fine Arts Library (also known as AFA) at the University of Florida is a great hideaway for higher learning.

Across from our CMC property The Courtyards and wedged between Little Hall and the Architecture Lawn in Fine Arts Building A The AFA Library is a perfect spot for those students who want to be in an inspiring place that simultaneously gives you a privacy. So without further or do we present

Highlights of the AFA Library

1. Unusual yet comfy study space
The AFA Library has a study area that is very different from the other traditionally thought-out libraries on campus.

I think the best part of the AFA library is you can study solo in loft-style cubbies complete with comfy bench and wide desk area to match.

It’s cool because while you may come with a couple of your friends you are able to focus on your studies as you have the perfect amount of isolation in order to focus.

As previously mentioned but not confirmed - this is likely a no-napping zone so don't try it.

This also is great for the artists interior designers and aspiring architects that usually populate the AFA Library in order to focus on sketch work.

2. Unconventional volumes of information

The AFA Library profile explains the library originally opened with 20000 volumes in 1965 and now in addition to those volumes it has acquired microform units photos concerning architecture and periodicals. There are some quirky inspirations that artists and art enthusiasts can get from this library.

Collections to check out? How about the Andy Warhol section held on the second story of the library or the book of Rolling Stone covers in the photography section not to mention the books on the Harlem Renaissance or Annie Lebovitz. If you’re looking for information about the aspirational then you should definitely wander around the AFA Library.

3. No frou-frou intimidating atmosphere
Because the AFA Library is located in such a tucked away area it's a perfect space for those who want to relax and not be distracted from the huge groups loud tutors and pizza delivery guys that might overwhelm you at busier libraries.

It is also the most scenic of the libraries. If you choose a seat at the top of the lofts you could get a cubbie with a view of the trees that encompass UF’s campus.

The AFA Library is a library for a certain kind of student; one that wants to focus be inspired by other artists and intellects and be in a creative and soothing atmosphere.

The AFA Library is a library for the creative tentative kind of student one that likes to ponder "aloud" in his or her own head pulling ideas from interesting places making them their own. We simply love it!

For more information on the AFA Library check out their profile.