Apartment Guide For Hosting Guests

Hosting guests can be especially stressful if you’re hosting in a small space like an apartment. As much as you may be looking forward to seeing your guests, you may still be skeptical about at the thought of fitting more people into your apartment for rent in Gainesville, FL. That’s why Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP has put together this guide to hosting guests in a Gainesville apartment.

Clean The Apartment

The first step to getting an apartment guest-ready is to perform a thorough cleaning. Clean dirty laundry, file or toss junk mail, sweep or vacuum the floors, and wipe down all surfaces. Pay particular attention to areas where guests will be spending most of their time: the bathroom, kitchen, and the area where they will be sleeping. Candles can be a nice decorative touch that offer the added bonus of freshening the air.

Prepare Guests’ Sleeping Area

Even in luxury apartments without a guest bedroom, it is still possible to create a cozy space for guests, whether that be a pull-out sofa, an air mattress in the living room, or just a few extra blankets on the couch. Make sure guests have easy access to a lamp or other lightsource from wherever they’re sleeping to avoid tripping in the dark. It is also important to ensure they have clear access to outlets for charging phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Folding privacy screens are a great option for providing guests with an area to change.

Gather Clean Linens

Before guests arrive, prepare whatever fresh linens they’ll need for their visit. This includes bedsheets, comforters, extra blankets, and towels. Many people want to freshen up immediately after travelling, so it’s a good idea to have a towel and washcloth laid out already when guests arrive. If possible, provide a variety of pillows from which guests can choose.

Stock Up On Toiletries

Providing guests with their own toiletries is a sweet gesture they’re sure to appreciate. If they’ve been travelling via air, they may not have been able to bring their own toiletries. Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, liquid body wash, unscented lotion, and toothpaste are a nice touch for any guests to your apartment in Gainesville, FL, as these products are safe for a wide range of hair and skin types. If a lack of space is a concern, mini toiletries are also a great option.

Remember to stock up on toilet paper before guests arrive, and leave one or two spare rolls in an easily accessible spot to save them the trouble of having to ask for a refill.

Don’t Stress About Food

Before guests arrive, stock up on a variety of low or no-prep food options to keep around the apartment. Snack foods, fruit, and ingredients for make-your-own sandwiches are great options to have on hand. Pre-made or quick breakfasts like bagels, pancakes, or cinnamon rolls will save time in the morning and offer more time to enjoy out with your guests. After guests arrive, it can be fun to hit the local farmers’ market or grocery store to pick up the ingredients necessary to prepare a meal together.

Remember that you’ll probably be eating a lot of your meals outside the apartment. Gainesville is home to many great restaurants that visitors will love to experience.