Apartment Furniture: What To Buy Used & What To Buy New

Deciding between secondhand and brand new furniture is not always easy for the avid renter. Decorated used mirrors, a hand-me-down bed, a brand new sofa with reclining chairs — it can be very tempting to overshoot the budget and go for lavish interiors or, on the contrary, neglect the look of a place for the sake of being frugal. But hunting for furnishings doesn’t have to break the bank or leave you with a dull apartment as long as you know what to look for when buying used or when to spend more on something new. Follow these simple tips from Contemporary Management Concepts, LLP to learn more about how to better furnish apartments in Gainesville.

What Not To Buy

Before you get caught up perusing online stores and local thrift shop ads, think about what it is that you really need. It is better to err on the more conservative side and reduce the amount of furniture you bring with you — at least for the first few months. Prioritizing this way can also make it easier for you to decide between the really important pieces of furniture you should buy ahead of time and those you can wait for to appear at the thrift shop.

Also, be aware of features your new place might have that could affect the effectiveness of a piece of furniture or even serve as furniture. Though furnished apartments in Gainesville have the advantage of including complete furniture packages, unfurnished apartments may also include features such as built-in shelves, lamps, and curtain rods which can save you some money and space in the moving truck. Carefully review the apartment amenities of Gainesville apartments and look for these features.

Furniture To Buy New

Your Essentials

In general, you should buy new what is most essential for you. Waiting on a good deal to close and scavenging online for replacement parts are problems you can’t afford for essential furnishings like a bed frame. If your move-in day is fast approaching, opt to spend more money on furniture which need to last you longer. Additionally, if you are concerned about the possibility of losing your new furniture to theft and other risks, consider the benefits of getting renter’s insurance.

Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to buying secondhand furniture, there is perhaps no greater gamble than acquiring a used mattress. Upholstered furniture, such as leather sofas, cushioned chairs, and mattresses are highly susceptible to pest infestations. Buying a used ottoman from the wrong seller could turn most Gainesville rentals into a battlezone of bed bugs. Unless you trust the person you are getting it from, you should always buy new upholstered furniture.

Ready-To-Assemble Furniture

Desks, dressers, and nightstands are all common items to buy used. But when it comes to furniture you build yourself, it may be better to buy new. Ready-to-assemble furniture won’t last through several moves if you need to take it apart and rebuild each time. Plus, you may be stuck in the hardware aisle hunting for the right allen wrench if you don’t already own a set.

What To Buy Used

Non-Essential Furniture That Make Your Life Easier

Found a coat hanger for $5 at a garage sale? A wooden nightstand for $10? Furniture which you do not urgently need but that add character to your apartment are good candidates to buy secondhand. These are usually priced much lower and can be purchased little by little as time goes on.

Vintage Items

If you prefer vintage décor, it makes sense to buy used furniture from a previous era. Solid wood items are particularly good choices to buy used as newer furniture tends to forego a whole wood construction for a more cost-effective wood facade.


For renters looking to make their apartments cozy with some good lighting, table and living room lamps are solid choices to buy secondhand. Lighting furniture is typically cheap and lightbulbs can be easily replaced for different hues and electric efficiency.