And the iPad2 winner is...

CMC Apartments is kicks off a season of promotions with an iPad2 giveaway!

We took these nifty cards to the UF Housing Fair this March to drum up this promotion.

iPad2 Giveaway Card

The rules were simple. Complete the form on our blog. Wait. Win.

(We hope while you were waiting you did some reading on the blog of excellence)

All entries were given a number in chronological order and if you presented an iPad card at a CMC Property four extra chances were added on to your name.

There were 217 total entries for this content today we choose a winner using

The grand prize went to number 73. Hooray!

Many people asked if this was "legit. Well it was and maybe we'll do another giveaway as the summer progresses.

In the meantime we hope No. 73 loves the prize! (and may let us check it out before it leaves the office).

See photos from the Housing Fair here