8 Reasons To Live With A Pet

Pets have an endless capacity to love their human companions. With almost no effort, pets can bring so much laughter, comfort, and joy into your life and are always there for you no matter what, even when you are having a bad day. Whether you consider yourself a dog-person, cat-person, or even a lizard-person, having a furry companion in your home or pet-friendly apartment comes with benefits beyond just love and company. Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP presents eight benefits of living with a furry friend.

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Companionship & Social Life

Once you bring your new furry friend home to your apartment, it is only a matter of time before they become your new best friend. Pets are a popular topic of conversation amongst friends and colleagues, and when talking about your pet's silly antics, people will often exchange their own funny pet stories. On a walk with your pup, you may even start to notice more people smiling at your puppy or even striking up a conversation while petting them.

Pets Can Enhance Your Mood

Watching your cat coming around the corner of the hall or your dog coming to the door with their tail wagging can be the highlight of anyone's day. Pets have evolved to be attuned to the behavior and emotions of humans and can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. However, with as much joy as your animals bring, humans must do their best to meet their pet's physical and mental needs.

Health Benefits

When playing with your pet, serotonin and dopamine levels rise. These hormones are involved in promoting a happy mood and positive feeling. Loving a pet and being loved in return can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This happens because of the increased exercise and the calming effects that animals have. Pets can also help develop stronger immune systems in children and adults as they are exposed to pet dander or other common animal allergens.

Good Entertainment

Every pet has its own personality and quirks that can keep you laughing for hours. Whether your dog is chasing their tail, your cat is playing with a toy mouse, or your bird is singing a cute song, your pet can always find a way to make you laugh and smile. Their funny hijinks can distract you from any worries you are having, and they can help keep boredom away.

Build Responsibility

Whether you adopt a hyperactive puppy or a beta fish, your pet will require a lot of attention. However, a pet is another living animal, so caring for them and giving them all the attention they need can teach you to become more responsible, especially for kids learning the value of good habits.

Decrease Stress

After a long day of work, your pet greeting you at the door can melt away your stress. Just knowing that you have a companion to share in your life's challenges and knowing they will be at home waiting for you can decrease your stress. All the kisses and cuddles can help you to forget all your worries.

Unconditional Love & Friendship

Regardless of how you look, how smart you are, or how popular you are, a pet's love is unconditional. This love is shown to reduce stress hormones and increase the production of oxytocin, which is the hormone that promotes social bonding. Likewise, when humans interact with their animals, oxytocin is shown to increase in both species.


Owning a pet can be a good way for you to get all your steps in for the day, especially owning a dog. For dogs to stay happy and healthy, they will need a lot of regular exercise. You'll be able to exercise indoors by playing tug-of-war or even throwing a ball for them to fetch.