7 Boho Decorating Tips For Apartments

Tired of modern decor that leaves your apartment feeling cold and muted? Prefer a design that's warm and inviting? Give the boho style a try! Boho, short for "bohemian," is an eclectic, colorful interior design style that mixes diverse patterns and textures with natural elements. Whereas other design styles may restrict your creativity, boho welcomes decorators to express themselves however they see fit. While there are no rules to boho decorating, there are some basics anyone can employ to start down the right path. Learn how to liven up your apartment in Florida with these boho decorating tips from Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP.

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Colorful Rugs

The boho style is all about creating a comfortable and alluring living area, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is with rugs. A good area rug can transform an otherwise bare, boring floor into a space that's brimming with character. When picking out rugs for a boho design scheme, stick with ones that boast an array of colors and patterns. Many decorators recommend Persian or Turkish rugs for boho beginners because they are colorful and come in various designs.

Plants, Plants, & More Plants

Plants bring an energetic liveliness to spaces that no other kind of decoration really can while somehow also evoking a sense of calm. It's because of this unique energy that plants are a go-to for boho designers. Better still, whether it's due to our innate appreciation for nature or the fresh oxygen plants provide, filling a home with plants is proven to reduce the stress levels of inhabitants. Cacti, in particular, are a boho favorite!

Use Natural Elements

Much like plants, all-natural elements such as wood can help create a serene environment. Light-colored or bleached wood is especially beloved among boho designers. Light tones make for an ideal backdrop amidst the myriad of other colors and textures present in a boho space. Driftwood sculptures, natural wood tables, and clay vases are excellent examples of decor that can give your apartment a natural, earthy ambiance.

Comfy Lighting

Soft, incandescent lighting helps foster a serene environment and is a must for the boho aesthetic. Fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules to the boho design philosophy, which means you can mix and match as many light sources as you want! Candles, chandeliers, string lights, lanterns, pendant lights, feel free to use anything that emits light as you see fit.

Macrame Ornamentation

Macrame is a staple of bohemian design. Be it a macrame wall hanging, plant hanger, or pillow, anything macrame instantly helps dress a room with fun and pleasant textures. The best part? Macrame isn't a difficult do-it-yourself (DIY) project, meaning if you can't find anything macrame you like in stores, you can make something yourself!

Intermixed Patterns

Boho is essentially the antithesis of modern minimalism. While modern design calls for clean and defined lines, boho celebrates intermingling complex and colorful patterns. There are truly no bad ideas in boho design. Want to place a geometric sculpture next to a crocheted pillow? Go for it! Fluffy throws on leather couches, mismatched colors on walls, rugs on top of rugs, boho truly lets you express yourself with unique mixtures of patterns and textures.

Vintage Pieces

It wouldn't be boho without a few vintage pieces scattered around. You can even make a day of collecting your vintage pieces. Grab a friend and hit up some local thrift shops. Feel free to pick anything vintage that you think has character. Any item that speaks to you personally will add a unique touch to your apartment, from old wood pieces to rusted signs or even candelabras. Buy it. Bring it home. It will no doubt find its place in your lively boho apartment.