6 Best Indoor Houseplants

Whether they’re large and in charge or tucked away, plants are a great addition to any Gainesville apartment. Plants add a personal touch to the home and can brighten up any room. For busy college students and young professionals, easy-to-care-for houseplants are the perfect compromise for those who don’t have time to practice their gardening skills but still want a bit of greenery in their home. At Contemporary Management Concepts, LLP, we encourage residents to turn their apartment into a home by adding a bit of greenery throughout.

Check out these six houseplants that are perfect for apartments and contact us today to learn more about our spacious apartments in Gainesville.


Pothos’ are a houseplant staple — these plants adapt quickly and flourish in bright, indirect sunlight and areas with shade. If you’re the type of person who forgets to fertilize frequently, pothos can survive even in nutrient-poor soil. It’s also a great plant for those who forget to irrigate their plants often, as it can go long periods without water. Be careful not to place pothos in direct sunlight — just like us, the pothos can get burned! Check out our Gainesville apartments with balconies and find the perfect spot to keep your houseplants!

Spider Plant

The spider plant is making a huge comeback; the plant’s signature long leaves are a perfect way to spruce up a corner or small space of your apartment near UF. It’s most suited for a well-lit space but grows in low light and even artificial light and its thick roots mean it only needs to be watered about once a month. Because of its tangly nature, the dead leaves need to be trimmed every once in a while but this is easy to do and only takes a few minutes.


The hoya plant boasts long, elegant vines and clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers and makes for the perfect addition to a bare windowsill or bookshelf that receives plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. For residents who frequently forget to water their plants, the hoya only needs water once every few weeks, making it a great option for busy college students and professionals.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are perfect for plant novices ready to add some green to their new apartment, as they can withstand weeks of neglect while still maintaining their shape. These plants thrive in indirect light and prefer completely dry soil before watering, which means it’s fine if you forget to water them. What’s more, snake plants can help remove toxins from air, such as formaldehyde and benzene, improving air quality and making home a more comfortable place to be. 

Peace Lily

Although the peace lily might look high maintenance, they’re surprisingly easy to care for. Nicknamed the “closet plant,” the peace lily requires low light for survival and flourishes in small, dark places, as the sun can be harmful to the foliage. They grow best at room temperature and require very little water — when the leaves droop, it’s time to water. 

ZZ Plant

Native to the East African country of Zanzibar, horticulturists dub this plant the “Houseplant of the Future.” It has thick, rubbery leaves that are similar in appearance to a fern and look like plastic. A ZZ plant thrives and grows fastest in bright light, but it also grows moderately well in areas with medium and low light. Even better, the ZZ plant needs to be watered only once a week.