Image of 5 Ways To Create A Bedroom In Your Florida Studio Apartment

5 Ways To Create A Bedroom In Your Florida Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are perfect for tenants who plan on living alone, offering an affordable housing option with just enough space for someone to live comfortably. In a studio floor plan, the only separate room is the bathroom. As such, residents of studio apartments will want to find a way to distinguish their main living space from their bedroom. Below, we’ve outlined five innovative ways to create a bedroom in your studio apartment.

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Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains between your living room and bedroom is an easy way to create a divide between your studio apartment's two main spaces. In addition to creating separation, a bright and colorful curtain can add stylish flair to your apartment. Conversely, if your priority is utility, you can hang up a blackout curtain, which will block light and create a darkened bedroom where it’s easy to enjoy a night of restful sleep.

Create A Partition With Furniture

You can use furniture to effectively split the open floor plan of a studio apartment. For example, you can use lengthy, low-lying furnishings such as a dresser to create a partition that separates the main living space from the bedroom. A short, long piece of furniture is perfect for obscuring the bed from view, separating the bedroom from the living room, and allowing light to flow freely throughout the apartment.

Transform The Walk-In Closet

If your studio apartment has a big enough walk-in closet, why not transform it into a bedroom? There are plenty of beds on the market nowadays small enough to fit snugly into a walk-in closet. By repurposing your walk-in closet into a cozy sleeping area, you can free up extra space for your living room. This is a practical and economical way to separate your bedroom and living room.

Elevate The Bed

Another simple way to distinguish the bedroom from the living room of your studio apartment is by elevating the bed. Better yet, by placing your bed on a raised platform, you free up space on the floor for storage. A platform bed, in combination with a sheer curtain, makes for a stylish, comfortable sleeping space.

Use Area Rugs

Different types of flooring can be used to distinguish one room from another, even in an open floor plan layout. You can use area rugs of different patterns and textures to make your bedroom and living room stand out from one another. Better yet, area rugs can add plenty of color and style to your studio apartment.