Image of 5 Tips For Throwing A New Year's Eve Party In Your Apartment

5 Tips For Throwing A New Year's Eve Party In Your Apartment

The New Year is an exciting time to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Going out to busy bars and expensive parties does not have to be the plan every year. Throw a fun, simple get-together at your apartment and enjoy what truly matters most, time with the people you love. If you want to host a New Year’s Eve party for your friends this year but live in an apartment, check out these tips for optimizing your space to plan the perfect party!

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Rearrange The Furniture

For additional standing room, move small furniture like accent chairs and side tables into the bedrooms or out of the way. Or, if you are planning on sitting most of the night for dinner or a game night, you may need to prepare by adding extra seating to the living space.

Stow Away Breakables

New Year’s Eve parties can get rowdy, and accidents can happen. In a smaller space, moving breakables and valuables away from high traffic or common areas is a good idea.  This will help prevent damage.

Hanging Decorations

Part of the fun of having a festive party is the decorations. They set the mood and transform your apartment for the holiday. In a small apartment, decorations can easily seem crowded and take up limited counter space. Try utilizing vertical space by hanging streamers or signs from the ceiling or on the walls. It will look excellent without taking up any space.

Serve Finger Food

Finding somewhere to sit down and eat with a fork and knife may be challenging if you plan to serve food at your New Year's Eve party. Instead, serve food that can be eaten standing such as bite-sized food and finger food. It will satisfy your guests without needing a large dining table and seating room.

Utilize Common Space

If you have a large guest count and are worried about the available space in your Florida apartment, consider any common areas you have in your apartment building. Some apartment buildings and complexes have clubhouses, lounges, pool areas, or rooftops where residents can host parties or hang out. Check with your management office and see if you can reserve a common area for your New Year's Eve get-together.