5 Tips For Living Next To A Noisy Neighbor

Apartment neighbors can either be a blessing or a constant source of frustration. It all depends on whether your neighbor is the kind that’s always willing to let you borrow a cup of sugar or if they’re the kind that routinely blares raucous music at a decibel the human eardrum was never meant to endure. Hopefully, you’ll only ever have the former. However, should you end up with a neighbor who makes enough noise to rattle your apartment walls, there are few ways to handle the situation adequately.

Below, the kind folks at Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP have outlined a few tips for living next to and dealing with noisy neighbors.

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Knock Gently

When an upstairs neighbor continually stomps their feet or jumps around early in the morning, many people’s first instinct will be to stand atop their bed and bang on their ceiling in retaliation. Admittedly, this is the right approach but the wrong execution. When a neighbor is being discourteously noisy, a little reminder that they have people living next to or below them can help them understand that they should be a bit more respectful and a lot less rowdy. However, the best way to deliver that reminder is with a couple of gentle knocks on your ceiling or shared wall, not with aggressive banging. 

Write Them A Friendly Note

Though addressing someone face-to-face is always more effective, as it allows for real-time discourse, leaving an anonymous note asking a neighbor to mind their noise-levels is a decent alternative for those who hate confrontation. If you choose to write a message, remember to keep it classy. Be kind, don’t write anything sarcastic or snarky as that will only exacerbate the problem. Simply detail the noises you hear, when you hear them, and politely ask them to be a little less noisy around that time. Also, there’s no need to explain that you were annoyed or irritated by the noise, as that will be implied.

Speak To Them Face-To-Face

Communication is key to a harmonious relationship, even in the case of neighbors. Addressing them face-to-face about your grievances is the fastest and most effective way to deal with a noisy neighbor. Next time your neighbor is overly-noisy, knock on their door, introduce yourself, and politely ask if they’ll be quieter. Maybe even offer a few suggestions on how they can keep the noise down, such as investing in a thick area rug that will mask heavy footfalls or using headphones past a specific time of night. As long as you address them directly without being rude or condescending, they’ll likely comply with your requests. 

Contact Apartment Management

If you’ve politely asked your neighbor to stop being so noisy on more than one occasion and yet the noise persists, then you’re left with no other choice but to file a formal complaint with your apartment’s property manager. Once you’ve decided to file a formal complaint, take a few days to document occurrences of your neighbor’s unreasonable noise. Presenting a property manager with detailed accounts or evidence of a neighbor’s discourtesy will help prove you are justified in your complaint and convince the property manager that this warrants legitimate action. Keep in mind that filing a complaint may result in your neighbors being fined, which may cause some tension between you and them in the future. However, if it means getting more restful sleep and being able to relax easier in your own home, it’s worth it. 

Do Some Soundproofing

If you’re sensitive to even the littlest noises coming through your walls, the best solution may be to do some soundproofing around your apartment. Consider some of the following soundproofing methods for your apartment: