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5 Tips For Finding A Roommate

Finding an excellent roommate can be difficult, especially if you are new to an area or lived with your previous roommate for a long time. Having a good roommate affects many aspects of your life, from your financial situation to comfortability in your home. While it may take time and work, don’t settle for the first stranger who is interested in your apartment. Choose a roommate who has common interests and lives a cohesive lifestyle to yours. If you aren’t sure where to start looking for your next roommate, check out the tips below to get started!

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Give Yourself Time

While you may not also have the luxury of time, starting to look for a roommate earlier could greatly help your chances of finding the perfect roommate. As soon as you know your current living situation will change, start looking for a new roommate. Giving yourself ample time helps you find someone with common interests and a lifestyle.

Word Of Mouth Recommendations

An excellent way to find a roommate is to ask around to friends, family, and coworkers if they know anyone looking for a roommate. This often leads you to mutual friends, people of a similar age group, or people with similar interests.

Facebook Pages

Most cities have multiple Facebook pages and groups dedicated to finding a place to live and finding roommates. In the Facebook search bar, search the city you live in with “roommates” or “housing”. With the ability to view people’s Facebook profiles, photos, interests, and connections, you can learn more about potential roommates.

Roommate-Specific Websites

Roommate-specific websites aim to make finding a roommate easy, as they use your personal information and personal preferences to match you to potential roommates. These sites are safer and more user-friendly than roommate forums on Craiglists or Reddit.

Ask Questions

The most important thing to remember when looking for and choosing a roommate is to ask the right questions. While you may be desperate to find someone quickly, don’t forget to vet them. Be mindful of red flags that could present later as toxicity or hostility. If something feels off or out of place, keep digging. A roommate greatly affects your quality of life and your safety, be sure to thoroughly interview potential roommates before saying, “yes”.