5 Things To Do Before You Move Out

Landlords of apartments in Gainesville have similar expectations for what condition an apartment should be in when tenants move out. Tenants who leave an apartment in a satisfactory state are entitled to the return of their full security deposit, whereas tenants who abscond from an unsatisfactory apartment may lose their deposit money and even incur additional fines. What’s more, feedback from your landlord about the condition of your apartment can also affect your future renting prospects. So, to ensure the return of your security deposit and positive landlord feedback, make sure to do five things before you move out.

Move-Out Checklist for Gainesville Renters

In Gainesville apartments need to be restored to a particular condition before tenants can move out and expect to recoup their full security deposits. Whether an apartment is satisfactory is determined by the landlord’s final inspection and based on a move-out checklist that involves, at least, five things.

Notify Your Landlord

From townhomes to student apartments for rent Gainesville landlords require tenants of all types of rental properties to provide vacate notices before moving out. The purpose of a notice is to apprise the landlord of whether you plan to renew the lease on the apartment or vacate when the current rental term expires. Since it takes time to find new tenants for apartments, landlords require tenants to give notice by a certain deadline before the lease term ends

Remove Personal Belongings

Whether you hire a moving company or perform a do-it-yourself move, removing all your personal belongings from the apartment is important for meeting your landlord’s expectations. Once the lease term ends, you lose the right to enter the apartment and retrieve whatever items are left behind. Furthermore, your landlord may deduct from your deposit the expense of having your abandoned belongings removed.

Clean the Apartment

It doesn’t take long to clean an apartment, especially once your personal belongings are removed and you can access each area of the apartment freely, yet leaving behind a clean apartment matters to your landlord. Particularly in off campus apartments near UF, cleaning is sometimes an oversight for tenants, and the result is a deduction to their deposits. To help ensure the return of your deposit, clean your apartment before moving out, and remember to discard all trash and remove any cleaning supplies you used.

Make Necessary Repairs

In the course of one or multiple years spent living in an apartment, small issues might arise that necessitate repairs, such as loose handles on doors, scuff marks on floors, or pinholes on walls. Larger repairs should be referred to the property maintenance staff in advance of your move-out date. But rectifying cases of minor wear and tear on your apartment before moving out increases the likelihood your apartment meets the landlord’s expectations.

Perform A Final Walkthrough

Walking through your apartment a final time before you return the keys is a necessary step to ensure you didn’t forget any of your belongings or overlook areas of the apartment that need to be cleaned or repaired. Given the frantic pace at which you may have been packing and cleaning, it’s possible something could have been lost in the shuffle, which is why a final apartment inspection is prudent.

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