5 Things To Consider When Searching For An Apartment

The term “perfect apartment” is a bit misleading, as one apartment may be perfect for one person but necessarily someone else. However, while there may not be an apartment that's perfect for everyone, there is cetrainly an apartment that's perfect for you. To help you find it, check out these five search criteria from Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP.

Gainesville Apartment Categories

There are two main categories of apartments for rent in Gainesville — student housing and professional or family apartments — and each has its own search criteria.

5 Student Housing Search Criteria

When it comes to student apartments for rent Gainesville residents should choose housing that embodies the five attributes of a comfortable college lifestyle.

1. Rent Prices

Many students are on tight budgets. An ideal student apartment should thus come with a reasonably priced individual lease or an affordable shared-lease that can be divided between roommates.

2. Location Near UF Or Santa Fe

By living near campus, students can save money on fuel by driving shorter distances to campus or even having the ability to walk or bike to classes. For the sake of convenience, students should look for off campus apartments near UF or Santa Fe College.

3. Dining Options

Part of the appeal of living in an apartment is ditching the limited options for food in the school dining hall for a slew of restaurants off-campus. Renting a student apartment located near restaurants thus enables students to more easily take advantage of available dining options.

4. Number Of Bedrooms

In Gainesville student housing floor plans can have anywhere from one to five or more bedrooms. Depending on whether you plan to live alone or with roommates, the apartment you choose should have the same number of bedrooms as people living there to ensure privacy for all tenants.

5. Common Areas

For students who share their housing with roommates, an ideal student apartment should have common areas, such as a living room, patio, or dining area, where roommates can congregate to socialize outside of their rooms.

5 Professional Or Family Apartment Search Criteria

Many tenants are working professionals or members of families. When looking for Gainesville apartments for rent, professionals and families should consider these five things.

1. Commute Distance

Long commutes to work can be stressful for some people, both in terms of the time spent in the car and travel costs. By your standards, the distance between your apartment and place of work should equate to a manageable commute.

2. Amenities

Amenities in an apartment community can make accomplishing hobbies easier. Renters who enjoy playing basketball, swimming, or working out, for instance, would benefit from living in a community that offers a basketball court, pool area, or fitness facility.

3. Community

Depending on your situation, it may benefit you to move to an apartment in a community amenable to your interests. Professionals may desire to live amidst urban luxury, while families with children may prefer a residential setting with nearby schools and parks.

4. Pet Policies

Pet owners should look for apartments with suitable pet policies. Some apartments for rent in Gainesville allow certain sizes and breeds of dogs and cats, others allow only cats, and other apartments allow no pets.

5. Property Manager

When considering an apartment, the property manager for the community should be experienced and trusted. The more qualified the property manager is, the more smoothly you can assume processes such as rent payments and maintenance requests will occur.

How To Find Student & Family Apartments In North Central Florida

Now that you know which criteria to look for, the next step is where to search. From student housing to professional and family apartments, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP manages properties to suit all kinds of renters. We manage student apartments near UF or Santa Fe College, professional lofts adjacent to retail areas, as well as family apartments near schools. Our entire inventory of housing is also searchable on our website for easy viewing. Contact us for with questions or for assistance finding your next apartment!