4 Tips For Hosting An Apartment Tailgate Party

Sports are best enjoyed with fellow passionate fans, an abundance of food and drink, and a great view of all the action. Unfortunately, tickets are expensive, and it’s not always possible to be there in person cheering from the bleachers. So what’s the next best thing? Hosting a tailgate party from the comfort of your own apartment of course!

Next time game day comes around, remember these tips presented by Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, for throwing the best apartment tailgate party. Looking for luxury Gainesville apartments with plenty of space for guests? Check out our Gainesville apartments for rent, then take the next step and get in touch with us to schedule a tour

Deck Out Your Apartment In Tailgate Decor

First things first — decorate! Before heading out to the local party supply store, decide on the theme of the decorations. Want to decorate your apartment in general football-themed decor? Or is this a game worthy of exclusively repping your favorite team’s colors? If the favored team isn’t local to the area, be sure to research what stores carry their merchandise beforehand. Otherwise, you may end up aimlessly wandering around a supply store to no avail. If you’re living in an apartment by UF, fear not, as you’ll have plenty of options for Gator decorations. Have some crafty roommates? Check out some creative DIY tailgate decor ideas online and give the decorations a bit of handmade flair! 

Decide Who To Invite

Compose a guest list, and while doing so, be sure to consider important factors such as the size of the apartment and how much seating will be available. Having too many friends over to the point the party becomes cramped will only hinder the festivities. Know a few friends who favor the opposing team? Invite them! Some friendly competition will liven the party and invoke that feeling of being in a stadium full of both team’s fans. Once the guest list is finalized, send out some invites featuring the party’s details, including location, date, and whether guests should contribute to the party fund.

Arrange For Plenty Of Food & Drinks

Having delicious tailgate party food and beverages is an aspect of tailgating so important it’s second only to the game itself. Truth is, the moment the guac runs out, the party may as well be over. For this reason, always look over the number of guests attending and plan for a suitable amount of snacks to be present, and, ideally, last through the whole game. If the idea of cooking for a lot of people seems stressful, ask guests to contribute some dishes of their own. However, if cooking is a hobby, here’s a chance to show off some of those skills. Just be sure to make enough, fill the fridge with drinks, and remember, grilled foods are an absolute must. Don’t have a grill of your own? Choose a Gainesville apartment community with an outdoor BBQ area!

Optimal Television Placement

This is the big one because if some guests don’t have a comfortable view of the game, they’ll begin to feel they should’ve stayed home. Avoid this by arranging the seating so that all guests can clearly see the TV. A good way to do this is by forming a semi-circle in front of the television. This formation ensures no guests face obstructions and creates a communal atmosphere in the viewing area. Have more than one TV? Consider turning the others on and displaying any games that may be happening as well. Many football fans cheer for more than one team and will welcome the opportunity to check on additional games.