4 Reasons To Live In A Dorm

Dorm living is a staple in college — living with roommates, meeting new people, and learning to live on your own. It teaches students responsibilities and allows them to flourish and grow, all in a location just steps from campus. No matter if you’re a freshman just arriving in Gainesville or an upperclassman looking for off campus housing with a great location, dorms have everything you need to succeed in and out of the classroom. Consider these four benefits of living in a dorm from the property management professionals at Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, and contact us today to learn more about our wide variety of Gainesville student housing options!

Convenient Location

One of the best advantages of dorm living is a prime location. Luxury dorms are located just steps from campus, making it easy for students to walk to class, grab a bite to eat or cram in a last-minute study session at the library. Because dorms are so close to campus, there’s no need to drive — save that gas money and spend it on what you love. When living in a dorm near campus, residents can walk back to their rooms between classes for some much-needed relaxation time or a quick nap.

Meet New Friends

Living in a dorm, residents meet other students from all walks of life, enriching their college experience. Unless you live in a single, you’re probably sharing a room with one or two other people. Sharing a space with others allows residents to learn from each other and grow, all while building a solid circle of friends and acquaintances. Some dorms even place together students with similar majors to better foster a sense of community.

Positive Transition To Adulthood

College is the time to branch out and be independent, but independence doesn’t come without its challenges. That’s why dorms are the ideal way to begin that journey into adulthood. Students get their first taste of independence while still having a supportive network of resident assistants (RAs), counselors, and other friendly staff to help them with this transition. Even better, dorms in Gainesville, FL, come with necessary bills included in monthly installment payments, so students can stay focused — just another benefit of luxury dorm living.


Students attend college to learn and grow academically, and dorms are specifically designed to foster this academic achievement. Dorm rooms are equipped with features students need to succeed, and community amenities are tailored to students including quiet study rooms and fast Internet speeds. Form study groups with roommates and other students and stay focused on why you here in the first place. You will find a strong sense of community and academics in a dorm environment.