4 Icebreaker Activities For New Apartment Roommates

One of the easiest ways for apartment residents to save money on their monthly installments is by moving in with a roommate. Here at Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, we make it easy for you to save money on your monthly installments by offering roommate matching services at student apartment properties such as The Courtyards or Spyglass Apartments. Using roommate matching services ensures you get to move in with someone who shares your interests and hobbies. Nonetheless, moving in with someone you’ve never met, no matter how compatible you are, can still be a bit uncomfortable at first. To help ease that initial awkward tension, try some of the following icebreaker activities with your new roommate. 

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Ask Fun Get-To-Know-You Questions

Asking someone about themselves is a great way to learn more about who they are and show them that they can open with you. Also, there’s no need to ask deeply personal questions at this point. You can save those for when you’ve grown closer as friends. Instead, stick to fun getting-to-know-you questions such as:

Cook A Meal Together

Everybody loves a home-cooked meal, so why not cook one with your new roomie. After all, the quickest way into someone’s heart is through their stomach. Grab a cookbook, pick an interesting recipe, stop by the store for some ingredients, and then head home to whip up your masterpiece. Cooking is the kind of activity that keeps your hands busy but your mind unoccupied so you can converse freely without any of the awkwardness of just sitting across from each other and staring. 

Play A Game

Shared experiences are the foundation of any great friendship. Playing a game with someone is a fun way to foster genuine experiences, deepen your bond with one another, and maybe even develop some inside jokes. It doesn’t matter if it’s competitive or cooperative, a board game, video game, or a sport you both play. As long as it allows you to spend time with one another and is something you both enjoy, it’s sure to strengthen your friendship.

Decorate The Apartment

Decorating your apartment together allows new roomies to show off their creative sides while working collectively to produce an environment where they’ll both feel at home. Head to the nearest home decor store and pick out wall art, rugs, tables, plants, and anything else that matches your unique styles. By the end of it all, you’ll have a fully decorated apartment that combines the individual tastes of both roommates, resulting in a space where you can both feel comfortable.