4 Decorating Tips For Your Florida Apartment Bathroom

When people think about decorating their apartments, the bathroom isn't usually the first room that comes to mind. Many people focus on furnishing their living room, bedrooms, and kitchen before considering how they're going to decorate their bathrooms. However, your bathroom deserves just as much attention as any other room. After all, we spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom freshening up first thing in the morning and right before bed. A room that's so prevalent in our daily lives should be one that's enjoyable to be in. While the personalized flourishes for your bathroom's decor theme will be up to you, we've outlined a few bathroom decorating tips below to help you get started.

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Hang Wall Art

Embellishing big, blank walls with eye-catching art is just as important in the bathroom as in any other room. Paintings, pictures, decorative mirrors, tapestries — anything you feel like throwing on your walls will work wonders in transforming your bathroom into a more comfortable and inviting environment. If you aren't comfortable putting holes in your walls to hang things, consider turning blank bathroom walls into features with a peel-and-stick wallpaper instead.

Get A Decorative Shower Curtain

The right shower curtain can bring life to your bathroom and act as a centerpiece that ties all of the room's different pieces together. When picking out your shower curtain, consider how you'd like to decorate the rest of the bathroom. If you're going for an eclectic look, feel free to choose a shower curtain with a funky pattern or texture. If you want zen, stick to neutral colors for a zen, clean, and simple look. Additionally, while your shower curtain doesn't have to match your towels exactly, do try to keep them within the same color family.

Use Plants

Plants, either real or fake, can add much-needed color and texture to any room in your apartment. Bathroom included! Flowers and houseplants can add a lively touch to your bathroom, whether hanging them from the ceiling or letting them sit on your counter. The best part is, if you do choose to invest in live houseplants, the bathroom's humid environment will make it incredibly easy to keep your plants alive and thriving!

Install Shelves

Floating shelves are a stylish way to add more storage space to your apartment bathroom. Whether you want them to hold hand towels, pictures, abstract art pieces, or plants, a few floating shelves can help reduce countertop clutter. Better yet, floating shelves are generally easy to install! If you don't have much storage space in your bathroom, consider installing some shelves.